To raise kids up is a happy job and along with, a challenging one too. When you at home with your kid, it’s alright as now you understand your child’s requirements and have everything ready at home or at least know where you can get it in an emergency.

But to travel with a toddler or a young child is a totally different story. You can’t pack everything available and don’t know what all will be required and what all to take care of. So, here’s a guide to help you with:


You will most probably get your toiletries at hotel room wherever you are staying but your hotel might not have baby supplies. So, either get tiny packs of your baby’s toiletries or fill small jars with whatever required.


Re-confirm the weather of the place where you are going. You can afford to spend a few hours without sweaters in a cold place (until you get something warm) but your child most probably will immediately catch a cold and infections. Pack proper clothes.


Research about the place if there is any flu or disease spreading. If you still need to go to that place, consult your paediatrician and get the required vaccination for your child.

Proper rest

It might come along as a limitation, but don’t stress out your child too much. Keep the travel light and don’t visit too many places in a day exhausting him entirely. Take proper breaks and feed him regularly.

General medicines

Take general medicines along. It includes medicines for fever, cold, nausea, diarrhoea, acidity, etc.The above tips should be sufficient care for your young child. Still, if you notice something abnormal after coming back, you should make a regular check-up with a child specialist.