Aren't you inquisitive to know what is so important about baby teeth?

Human beings are a diphyodont species, meaning we have two successive sets of teeth:

1.  Primary more often referred to as "deciduous" or "milk" or "baby" teeth

2.  Permanent teeth 

There are 20 primary teeth and 32 permanent teeth. Every tooth has a different job to do. Each milk tooth has a different time to erupt and shed which guides the underlying permanent teeth in position. 

"A smiling face increases your face value. From 20 to 32 we pediatric dentists will help you sail through."

You often tend to be convinced by the age-old fables that baby teeth are just temporary and they wouldn't be meaningful in the long run. These baby teeth play a critical role for many reasons which are as follows: 

1.  They guide your child to chew food properly thereby maintaining healthy nourishment.

2.  They help to develop a normal speech pattern.

3.  They maintain space and guide the permanent teeth in position and prevent malalignment.

4.  They assist in normal growth and development of the jaws.

5.  They also aid in establishing a beautiful smile that leads to a positive self-esteem in your child. 

Poor oral health can result in poor overall health. Be true to your teeth or they will be false to you.