Who does not yearn to have skin as clear and as supple as a baby unexposed to contamination?

There are ways to do-

Visit a Beauty parlor a lot too often.

Follow the age old formulas passed on by grannies ( they never had beauty treatments. Despite this they could maintain glowing skin till their golden years.)

Never go to untrained beauticians promising the moon.

They are experts of selling Hope for a Fair skin (our weakness)

Go for permanent solutions which will last for years compared to made to order firm & toned up skin for a day to party. This fades away sooner than expected leading to soggy skin with black patches (bleach is used & the bleached areas pick up more sunlight, leading to more pigmentation).

Here are few basic points worth sharing-

1) Hydrate-Drink lots of water in variety of ways-diluted toned milk, coconut water, fresh juices etc. These are natural ORS too, palatable, sweet & not punishing as if some medicines have been forced upon.

2) Oxygenate your skin (Oxygen therapy is talk of the day) 

Use oxygen within home through fresh green plants & Avoid Pollution (Enemy Number One for Skin and other Vital Organs)

3) Eat a balanced diet with lots of seasonal vegetables and fruits grown locally.

It's worth sharing about secret of a granny who was fond of mangoes

She would cook mango dishes and apply raw mango pulp to her face and hands. 

She never visited a parlor but had a glowing skin at 80+

Reasons for clear skin are decoded are-

Application of Vitamin C ( look at labels of beauty creams launched recently & do look for contents as Vitamin C) , Precursor of Vitamin A, Beta Carotene ( another ingredient in creams ), Fruit sugar Fructose, lots of fiber in fruit acting as a Scrub!

4) Use a Sunscreen even if staying indoors most of the time. It is like a protective base on raw skin.

5) Scrub - Best scrub is baking soda. 

Mix it with Glycerine/honey or Apple Cider Vinegar.

6) Best toning agent and anti wrinkle product is white of the egg. 

Apply and leave it for an hour.

Negativity equates Wrinkles & a Smile works Otherwise.

A Curve is a curve.

Draw it downwards -it becomes a wrinkle.

Draw it upwards,it becomes a smile

Stay Positive

Too Much of Makeup gives a look of garnished Cake

Raw Denuded look is in so that people do not have difficulty in recognizing the person with makeup or without any makeup.