Living with diabetes does not mean starvation and food deprivation; however, it involves intelligent eating. There are certain food offenders that are best if avoided whether you have diabetes or not. These foods are rich in carbohydrates, sodium and calories, which will not only affect your blood sugar levels but also your blood cholesterol and heart as well.

Research and studies show that foods with high glycemic index (GI) have an impact on blood sugar levels by raising it quickly. Glycemic index is the carbohydrate content of the food that can affect the blood sugar levels in the body.Thus, diabetics should choose their food according to their glycemic index, thereby balancing the carbohydrate and calorie intake with every meal. Glycemic index above 70 is considered high, diabetics should aim for low glycemic foods within the range of 55 and less.

Think twice before eating these foods

  • A regular cup of cappuccino - Nowadays, it is so common to meet up with friends over a cup of coffee. However, remember this one cup of cappuccino is loaded with calories and carbohydrates. This simple cup from your favorite Starbucks is loaded with approximately 470 calories including 63 g of carbohydrates.
  • Biscuits - Biscuits are our all-time favorites, whether it is for breakfast or tea time. However,biscuits are made of refined white flour and are heavily processed with loads of sugar. A single biscuit of 100 g would have approximately 258 calories of which 50 g constitutes carbohydrates.
  • Fruit beverage - These drinks are the worst for diabetics, as they contain a lot of processed sugar and are high in calories. A normal fruit beverage has about 130 calories and about 30 g of sugar. Even the low-calories sugar drinks do have small amounts of added sugar and calories.It is best to have fresh fruit rather than fruit beverages.
  • French fries - Another major offender in our diet, which is high in calories and sodium, is French fries. Most of the fast-food joints offer French fries that are ‘trans fat free’; however, it does not mean that they are healthy. A typical large fries from McDonald’s has about 500 calories which includes 50 g of carbohydrates. 
  • Fried chicken - Not only does fried chicken look good but is also yum and indeed tempting.Fried chicken typically consists of about 490 to 500 calories. A healthier alternative would be fish or steamed chicken.
  • Donuts and muffins - These sweet treats are loaded with sugar, calories and occasionally trans fats. Typically, a donut from Dunkin Donuts would have about 360 calories. These processed foods are best to be avoided and it would be wiser to bake your own cakes and muffins for your sweet temptations.
  • Soft drinks - These are a big no for all diabetics and even non-diabetics. These drinks are heavily loaded with sugar and can lead to weight gain. Even the sugar-free drinks are not a healthy option. These are also known to add calories and carbohydrates and ultimately lead to obesity.
  • Milkshakes - Milkshakes are easily available in all fast-food joints. They are also sugar loaded with lots of calories. A single glass of 16-ounce milkshake typically contains about 700 calories and 100 g of carbohydrates.
  • Pizza - This is our comfort food and is always a favourite amongst families when looking for something tasty and fast. However, one slice of pizza is as bad as frozen pizza and contains 290 calories and 35 g of carbohydrates.
  • Whole milk - A diet rich in unsaturated fat could easily worsen levels of sugar in the body. It would be better to opt for skimmed milk or fat-free milk.