As a small kid, I knew of just one goal, the football goal. I never knew that the other "goal" haunts the man as an omnipresent ghost for rest of his life. Now I ponder, the football goal was probably coined so as the goal of that game was of netting the ball in opponent’s side.

The “value system” was a direct outgrowth of culture & society. Each individual was conditioned  to model himself to a desirable state; successful, more intelligent, kind, helpful,spiritual, religious, responsible, etc.; which was needed to keep the social structure intact. The value system will assess the value of the individual as per his contribution and value to the society. The entire education system of 18 plus years is formulated to make the child into 'professionally something.'

It's of mighty importance and it can be seen in any introduction of any individual, where professional identity supersedes everything else. During my entire education, I seriously believed or was made to believe that I was born to be “someone I was not & only with diligence & determination could I fulfil my goal. In this part of the world the idiom used was “to make your life”, so I was basically chasing for a life, as if I had none.

But I never knew that the chase was eternal & actually I had no life, as life is always in the present but as it was the past was chasing the future, the present was and is never present!!!

Years of school to home & home to school, years of assignments, uniform, discipline, time tables were actually mere skill to earn my livelihood and be possibly “someone special”,  someone on a higher rung than others. The realization was disappointing.

All these years of fear, despair, insecurity which are connected with the goal are surprisingly overlooked, as the GOAL  keeps staring at oneself, mesmerising oneself somewhere ahead, shaping all your moves, all the moments, all the thoughts & what is funny is that once it is reached it reshapes into another form, never letting one stop the chase.

Despair has a source in hope, only hopeful are despaired, the more the hope the more the despair

The sinking heart wrenching despair of what a society labels as a “loser” is a distant feeling for anyone else to even come close to it. The despair is not because he didn’t make it , but because of his high investment of hope in becoming someone, which he ought to be   .

Material goals are tangible and still achievable through one effort but what about the “spiritual goals”& psychological goals..boy!!!

When one gets tired & weary of material goals, one invents significance & meaning of life.

Enlightenment, spiritual awakening, religious emancipation are now new entrants as fresh goals!

One believes that when material accomplishments have not given the permanent happiness, which one is essentially chasing, spiritual goals will.

Life  is but a pursuit of becoming & a fear of not becoming!

Attaining spiritual goal is impossibility as it starts with the dualistic premises that one is separated from what is to be attained, which will only deepen the conflict & division.

As one observes life around, all life forms are just living moment to moment with no superimposition of any ideal.


The spiritual destination is a never land, the home of the fictional Peter Pan! 

And the suffering is of not getting to an imagined heaven, a state of pleasure without pain.

Spiritual seeking just fortifies the self, the "I” and the "I" is always on fire.

Love is a goal of a love-less man, there is violence because peace is pursued, and kindness is preached by  a selfish man & because one is seeking  happiness , one is unhappy!


P.S.-- Even if one understands this, one cannot free oneself of the conditioning of goal seeking as one himself is a product of that conditioning.