This is a new concept being used in dentistry for designing smiles for patients to give them the best look possible. The look well suited to their personality type.

Hippocrates has been given the credit for describing the 4 basic traits in people: 

Strong-Dynamic-sensitive-calm and peaceful. 

Of these 4 traits usually 1 or 2 dominate.

Strong: This type of person has a rectangular face formed by well defined angles. They have strong leadership qualities, decisiveness, daring and fearlessness. 

Teeth shape: Oval

Dynamic: This person has angular face. This individual is an active and communicative extrovert. Teeth shape: Triangular

Sensitive: Oval face with features that are rounded. 

Teeth shape: Rectangular

Thus, The Visagism concept helps dental clinicians provide restorations that account not only for esthetics, but also for the psychosocial features of the created image, which affect patients emotions, sense of identity, behavior, and self-esteem.