The onset of the shoulder or arm pain in the absence of shoulder injury and after a period of neck pain can be due to some pathology in the Neck or Cervical spine. If cervical nerve root becomes compressed or irritated in the neck, it can cause pain & symptoms that radiate to the shoulder, arm, or even till hand. This condition is called Cervical Radiculopathy. Some neck pathology that can cause pain in the shoulder & arm is:

1- Cervical degenerative disc disease

2- Cervical herniated disc

3- Cervical stenosis

4- Cervical spondylosis(cervical osteoarthritis). 

The pain of Cervical radiculopathy starts from the neck and travels down the arm. There is a tingling sensation in the shoulder, arm, & hand. Weakness in the arm, shoulder, or hand. Sometimes loss of sensation. 


  • Manual & Mechanical Traction
  • Deep Cervical flexor strengthening exercises (starts with isometric exercises and progress to resistive exercises with thera band)
  • Scapular strengthening exercise
  • Stretching of chest muscles
  • Neck Mobilization to increase ROM. Mobilization of cervical nerves
  • Deep tissue massage therapy
  • Neck Mckenzie technique
  • Posture correction exercises
  • Strengthening of shoulder’s rotator cuff muscles
  • Combo therapy
  • Wear Soft Cervical collar.