Blame it on the fairy-tales

"And they lived happily ever after"  ;  
After a brief period of struggle & challenge the end of the story was what is forever being pursued.....permanent happiness. We all loved the fairy tales as children as they predictably ended this way, they culminated into a state of no friction and static well-being. In fact we are reduced to this search, believe it or not for every single moment. We are doomed to work for it; "and they lived happily ever -after." The never ending chain of thought is aiming this in vain, through our every single thought, every single action. We will live & will eventually die in pain seeking "this end"; do we then blame it on the fairy tales?

There is no present, but the past dreaming of future. The search of the happiness is always in the future. While the past in form of memory, is on the trail of an elusive state, a fixed, non fluid state of perfection. Mirage in desperate search of oasis, one after another .But the struggle continues with the hope that never ending oasis is somewhere waiting at a certain time-space linear dimension.
The angst of not achieving a happiness state which doesn't slip into unhappiness is the real ,living day to day burning issue , but one doesn't have the courage to burn oneself out in this fire ,but suffer endlessly in hope that one would get there one day; Blame it on the fairy tales??
The fairy tales were also a product of  a mind, which has a hedonistic foundation ; the individual with its its "individual mind"  having recognized a pleasurable sensation in past , trying painfully  hard to hold on to it forever for rest of his life!

All these years of struggle has made oneself so frail
But what still remains , is one's belief in the fairy tales!

Dr Vikas Khanna