We have been seeing braces on many people since time immemorial and most of us shudder by the thought of the amount of metal being seen on our teeth for aligning  them. Most of us back out from aligning/treating crooked teeth by imagining the cosmetic disfigurement or pain involved through regular braces treatment. The invisible braces are a boon for them.

These type of braces :

1. Cannot be seen virtually   

2. Easy to use for patient

3. Are removable

4. Discomfort almost nil

5. Time for treatment is  predictable

6.Before and after results can be seen digitally before starting treatment

7.Freedom to play sports as it can be taken out

8. Easy to take care than regular braces

9. Freedom to eat any kind of food

10. Boosts self esteem as no attachments can be seen while speaking or smiling