Maybe Women are taken for granted. 

Maybe Hearts of Women can be manipulated by Selfish Women and their Connected Men. 

May Be Contribution of Women in Financial, Diet Health, Family Health are taken for granted.

These are few among lots of Social factors responsible for Health of Hearts of Women.

There are Biological Factors too like-

After Menopause, there is a decline in Reproductive Hormones, which were working as a Support system to Prevent Heart Attacks in Women.

   After menopause due to a decline in reproductive hormones, women are at equal risk of a heart attack like men if other factors are not taken care of-

 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Sedentary Lifestyle, Depression& Loneliness, Being Surrounded by Manipulators, Bad Cholesterol, Bad air with less Oxygen and more Pollution,Genetic Predisposition etc.

These days even genetic predisposition can be reversed by modifying Lifestyles & it is a kind of 'gene' therapy done by self by being a bit Selfish ( this helps the family too because only a Physically & Mentally Healthy Woman can take care of her household & other responsibilities )

Working women on the go should keep working till they can.

Working Women, Depression & Loneliness never go together

Women in India have a higher Mortality rate due to Heart attacks.

They are prone to get a second heart attack and less likely to receive a timely intervention during a heart attack.

A silent Heart attack is more likely to occur in women and in diabetics 

As with men, the most common heart attack symptom is Chest Pain.

But Women are more likely to experience other common symptoms,like an uncomfortable pressure,squeezing,fullness or pain in the center of chest lasting for more than a few minutes that stays and comes back again,pain in one or both arms,neck or jaw,shortness of breath,breaking out in cold sweat,nausea or lightheadedness.

Pollution & Heart attacks during winters

Low levels of Oxygen in environment works like a Trigger to get a heart attack.

Stay indoors and avoid pollution, both indoors and outdoors because bad air is not only harmful to the lungs, it is bad for the heart also.