It starts with Healthy Liver 

Every woman desires to glow, sparkle and enjoy her womanhood. But the reality is that only a few are able to achieve this dream. Majority of the women remain very upset about their skin. They spend enormous time and energy for skin care but nothing works. Most of the patients I get to treat already have deep wrinkles, frown lines, bags under eyes, loss of elasticity and many other unhealthy signs of poor quality skins. Skin is the largest part of our body and plays an important role in body defence and it cannot be subjected to toxicity that comes from food, alcohol, and chemicals. One can invest in 1000 types of products, face masks, spend hard earned earnings on spa and wellness centres and yet fail to combat the skin battle. A woman with healthy skin has a healthy liver. Yes- the beauty source is inside the body hidden deep under the body. A woman with healthy liver has a picture perfect shiny skin whereas the woman with poor liver health has generally got a poor quality skin. The secret to keeping your liver healthy is to increase the intake of these foods:  Vitamin C, Turmeric, Beets, Garlic, and Cabbage. No complicated Diets required.   

Your skin will tell the doctor what you eat. If you eat clean your skin will be clean. 

Women wanting shiny and beautiful cannot overtax their liver any further with Alcohol, Processed sugar, and Excessive Fat. These 3 are toxic to your skin and make it dry, lifeless and inflamed. Your liver has to work optimally. The bad liver health can result in Acne, Premature ageing, Eczema, and Dermatitis.  Strong medicine also creates Liver overload so check with your doctor whether the strong medicines you might be having are impacting your liver health.  

Do's and Dont's for Liver Health:

  • Water for Detoxification
Water is must to Detox

 The liver detox process has a heavy dependence on water intake. It is important to have around 4 litres of water every day. Water has the power of reaching out to each organ of our body and detox it. A well-hydrated skin has the power to heal your dry lips and dry skin. Moisturizers and oil are only aids. It takes 3-6 months before you reach the stage rehydrated skin. Don’t be embarrassed by the frequency of bathroom visits. It starts like that. But take care of minerals (salt) as you may lose some due to this.  

  • Fasting

Please keep 1 day of the week on a Fasting day. If you have medical conditions which don't allow you to do fasting then reduce the food intake to minimal as directed by your physician. Your liver will get rest. You can have water, Green tea, Lemon, Lassi, Homemade Fruit/vegetable juice and light drinks. Drink at least 5-6 litres of water on your fasting day.  The above method is primarily focused on detoxification process. 

1 Day per week. Weight loss is a Bonus 

Please read my other articles to understand the other lifestyle changes that help skin issues. Skincare is a journey. Give yourself and your family a luxurious gift -Start the Detox journey from today.  

May you Radiate.