It's summer time and kids vacation, full day cricket matches and fun playing with friends. The most common accident with kids while playing is broken front tooth, front tooth popping out. The tooth in the front bears the brunt of all mischief. but do not panic if you ever are in such a situation 

We are here at your rescue:

1. First of all don't panic seeing blood or broken tooth. see the site of accident (playground, bldg complex,house) Examination of site is important to see if muddy or clean and also to seek the lost tooth.

2. Clean the wounded site(mouth) with plain water and apply clean cotton or cloth for the bleeding to stop

3. See the fallen tooth,don't immediately grab it and wash...

4. See if its full tooth or pieces.

5. For full tooth try to grab it from crown(the bulky portion used to chew on food) with clean hands or clean cloth and touch as little of tooth as possible. 

6. For fallen pieces just grab pieces with clean hands or cloth.

7. All the grabbed pieces or tooth should be just put under running water once to clear any mud or dirt stuck on it. While you are doing this be very careful not to rub the tooth or touch anywhere else on tooth.

8. Try to maintain as less contact as possible to tooth at all times.

9. If the tooth has just blood on it then no need to rinse.

10. Now is the most important must place the tooth in a clean container filled with milk, or saliva (your kids saliva.)

11. And now run to the Savior...your nearest dentist ASAP

12. First 30 minutes are the best time for re-implantation of an avulsed (fallen out) tooth... the success of re-implantation may vary depending on

13. The time the tooth has been out of socket. 

14. Hows its been treated outside socket.

15. Damage occurred at the time of accident.

16. GOLDEN'15 for accident till then kids enjoy the GOLDEN VACATION.

Happy vacations and keep spreading smiles...