LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. lasers are being used in all disciplines of dentistry and are applied in the treatment of gum diseases, wisdom tooth and jaw related surgeries, root canal treatments and implant placements.

  • Laser is a type of electromagnetic wave generator converting electromagnetic energy into thermal (heat) energy. 
  • Lasers are classified according to its spectrum of light, material used and hardness

1. Soft lasers   These are of cold energy and stimulate cellular activity. 

Help in healing of tissue, reduce the inflammation, swelling and pain. is is used in treating ulcers and gingivitis ( gum swelling).

2. Hard lasers ( Surgical)  They transmit energy via optical fiber and can cut both hard and soft tissues .

Argon and Diagnodent (CO2) lasers that emit visible light - 400nm - 750nm are most commonly used in dentistry.

Application of LASER's in dentistry :

  • Curing composite restorations.
  • Soft tissue surgery in oral cavity - obtaining biopsies from cancerous tissues, ulcers in the cheek or tongue.
  • Exellent Hemostatic agent - Controlling of excessive bleeding after surgical procedures such as extractions, flap surgeries and curettage. There is no need to place a suture or cut the tissue with scalpel (blade). Hence they don't leave a scar (specially on the delicate and esthetically important facial skin)
  •  Access to the root canals of the teeth during root canal treatments.
  • The temperature developed at the operating tip of the laser maintain a sterile and painless environment during treatment.
  • Tissue penetration is less and there is no damage what so ever to the underlying bone

Point to note: a water spray is used during laser radiation to achieve maximum efficiency of tissue removal with minimum heat generation that is safe for the use on dental tissues.

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