If you have ever wondered why so many Individuals in Public Life have such a perfect smile, you might be surprised to find out how many of them have had Cosmetic Dental work.One way that we the dental specialists can make your smile more attractive is to correct your crooked teeth by using Braces (Metal/Tooth colored or Invisible) by an Orthodontist or if not much crooked then by placing ceramic laminates, Veneers and Jacket Crowns.

Reinvent your SMILE without visible braces

A set of barely seen Ceramic or plastic braces that merge with the natural colour of teeth to Lingual Braces or Invisible braces (fitted on the inner face of your teeth, hiding them from your view and the person in front cannot see them), are effective to correct a radically crooked-tooth smile, especially if the wearer leads an active public life.

Dr. Divyaroop Rai, a Jaipur based Orthodontist says there’s a reason for higher demand of brace among older patients too. “The misalignment of your teeth, which is present from childhood, worsen as you age and get older, affecting your healthy gums. The jaw and nose become longer, and cheek sink in. What was acceptable at 18, isn’t at 30. If you have bad teeth at fifteen, it would look worse by 30”

What are Laminates & Veneers

These are basically shells of Tooth Colored material that are bonded to the front surface of the tooth to make them look Beautiful and Natural.

Dothey Look Natural?

Newer tooth colored materials have improved so much that, it may be extremely difficult for a layperson to make out anything artificial have been done on your teeth if laminates are properly made, says Dr. Anuroop Rai, Facial Cosmetic and Oral Surgeon, Jaipur.

What type of problems do dental laminates FIX?

Teeth that are Discolored– either because of:Root Canal Treatment, Stains, Excessive fluoride, etc.,Teeth that are Worn Down, Teeth that are Chipped or Broken, Teeth that aremildly misaligned or uneven in shape, Teeth which have mild gap between them

Advantagesof Dental Laminates ?

  1. They provide natural toothappearance
  2. They are stain resistant
  3. The color of Laminates areselected in such a way that dark teeth look whiter
  4. They are compatible with gums