So, one of the worst and harmful sleeping positions is flat on the stomach. In this kind of position, we are significantly struggling against all the curves of our spine. Also, the hands underneath the pillow position is even worst. In order to, help yourself to sleep better, you should get rid of the typical pillow and take some long pillow to put it along the body side, that would have effects on propping up to side sleeping.

Other harmful sleeping position is sleeping flat on the back. This position is causing snoring for most of the people. Snoring is not only bad for the people around you but also for your health. So, if you are used to this position change it with alternative by putting some pillow under the knees and under the lower back.

The best sleep position the experts are calling it “sleeping beauty”, when we are sleeping on the side letting the back to lose only a little bit of the normal curve laterally. To enhance this kind of position put a pillow between the knees by supporting the hips, and you can use a firmer pillow to support the head.

One of the most essential thing when it comes to our health is a good and quality night sleep. It is not enough to get much sleeping hours – but the way you sleep is very important because a bad sleeping positions could be damaging to our body.

Even after a restful sleeping night we can wake up with soreness in our shoulders, neck, or back and that is a huge indicator of bad sleeping that can harm our body health. We are often blaming bad pillows or some mattress that are in common, but in fact, that is not a reason for our bad sleeping. The biggest thing that we should take in consideration due sleeping, is the curves in the spine: the upper and lower back, and also the neck.