Eggs truly are perfect muscle building material!

They contain the highest quality protein. Let me explain that- Protein helps our body make muscle and burn fat. Now, protein quality is measured by the amount of protein that is used to make muscle, for every gram of protein that you consume. So, if you consume 40 grams of protein, and only 20 grams can be used for your muscles, then the quality is 0.50. Egg has a protein quality of over 0.95. Depending on the source of protein, the quality varies. And there are plenty of protein sources- dairy, meat, eggs, soy, vegetables, etc.

Among all the sources, the protein from eggs has the highest rating. Both the yolk and the albumen (the egg white) contain protein. Besides protein, the yolk also contain vitamin b12, which is necessary for fat breakdown and muscle development. Other minerals include Riboflavin, Folate, vitamins B6, D, and E, and Iron, Phosphorus, and zinc. The egg white by itself is only protein. It does not contain any vitamins. All the vitamins and minerals are in the egg yolk, along with high quality protein!

You could probably take a multi-vitamin to get these nutrients, but we believe in getting maximum nutrition from natural and unprocessed sources, and eggs are high up on our list.

Egg calories: A medium egg contains about 90 calories, 6 gm protein, 7 gm fat (2 gm saturated, 5 gm unsaturated fat), 210 mg cholesterol (70% of your daily requirement) and almost no carbohydrates. The egg white contain about 3-4 gms of protein and no fat, and thus about 12-16 calories. The egg yolk contains over 70 calories along with all the vitamins and minerals. So, eating 1 egg yolk is good for you, multiple egg yolks a day is bad for you!

For those with an active lifestyle, recipe for a high protein snack, cook eggs with 1-2 egg yolks and 7-8 egg whites- they could be scrambled, poached, boiled, omelette, any way possible! That should provide about 25-30 gms of protein!