Life has changed. Ethics mean different than what they meant a decade ago. Work was meant to earn a living. Today, earning a living does not seem to the prime purpose of life! A person, be it a man or a woman, earns for grading his or her lifestyle. Simple is termed as cheap! Peace and health are replaced with high society late night parties and cool addictions! No one realizes that all these new things that make you eat wrong, sleep wrong and stay wrong are actually taking you the world of infertility. 

Through this article, we share with all our readers the effects of 3 classy culprits of infertility - stress, smoking and lifestyle.


Stress is directly related to infertility. Stress affects ovulation. A woman who is in stress shall never be able to release good quality eggs. Stress automatically stops you from having sex, wherein your chances of conception go down. Excessive stress can even interfere with the fertilization of the egg and implanting itself on the wall of the uterus!

Among men too, stress degrades the sperm count and the quality. Once under stress, making love is never so easy and pleasurable!


This is the strongest curse in disguise. Smoking affects ovaries and reduces the quality and quantity of eggs. Even when a woman conceives, there are fewer chances that she might carry her baby to term. After birthing too, the baby shall face some major growth issues.

Do not stay relaxed if you are a victim of passive smoking. Second hand smoking too is a big no no. It turns you infertile without much effort. It supports miscarriages! Preterm labor and ectopic pregnancies have been noticed on a large scale!

For men who smoke and feel good, you shall face severe trouble with your sex life! Loss of erection shall be a new trouble for you. Your sperm quality shall degrade and they might not have the strength to swim to a woman’s uterus!

Nowhere, do we see any trace of smoking lowering ones stress levels! Quit smoking for it has nothing to give you in return except problems which you cannot bear.


People do hear and read about lifestyle changes and end up doing none as they feel, it’s impossible! We shall give some straight tips which when followed shall surely benefit you!

  • If you are into a sedentary lifestyle, you can take a two minute walk at an interval of 30 min.
  • Limit your carbohydrates and cut on the carb that accompanies gluten.
  • Comfort foods are always bland! Pizzas, burgers and even biscuits must not be seen anywhere around you.
  • Completion of an eight hour sleep is a must.
  • Exercise three times a week stands to be perfect!
  • Water intake must be around 3 litres per day! Water soothes your internal organs!
  • Laptops on the lap might gift you infertility. Place them on the table while you work.
  • No processed foods. Stick to consuming foods in their most natural form.

Try living a simple life. Electronic gadgets are not something for which a person struggles all day! In the end you shall surely become financially strong but on the other hand the same money shall be poured on expensive treatments! Success is when you attain things which money cannot buy!