Teeth Whitening is a kind of bleaching process we use to whiten the stained teeth.

There are two types of teeth whitening methods:

1.At home teeth whitening

2.In office teeth whitening

Professional office teeth whitening
Home Teeth Whitening trays (mild in nature takes time to act)

We always get confused on which type of bleaching method or brand to use. Many of us have tried some at home teeth whitening products but of no use, due to lack of knowledge, you never get the desired results.

At home whitening kits use carbamide peroxide which is slow acting and In-office whitening kits use hydrogen peroxide which is fast acting.

The basic requirements we all need from a teeth whitening product is...

1.Its results should last longer

2.It should be effective and fast

3.It should be economical

Whitening results lasts longer only when u maintain it properly as instructed by your dentist. Such as avoid eating very spicy food or drinks or try to slow down your tobacco or smoking habits.Just you have to use a whitening toothpaste daily or a small whitening gel and a periodic follow up by your dentist.This way you can keep your whiter and brighter smile forever.

Their are lots n lots of whitening products available in the market..very confusing to all of us. We should consult our nearby dentist for the best suited and quality product.

professional whitening is always better to go for.

So consult your dentist now and be safe.

Keep Smiling.