Your yellow teeth may just turn out to be a damper to an otherwise beautiful smile. Getting ready for a party? Wanting to wear the brightest range of lip colours? If yes, then a beautiful you ought to get rid of the yellowness!


Regrettably, certain extrinsic factors like our taste for red wine, coffee, tea and smoking  lead to of changes in our teeth resulting in discoloration of our teeth and a not-so-attractive smile. Ageing is another common factor for discoloration. Our teeth are made up of 3 layers namely:                          

  • enamel 
  • dentin
  • pulp

With time, the underlying dentin tends to darken due  to formation of secondary dentin. Teeth whitening is the answer to age-related yellowness of teeth.


Most of the extrinsic stains can be removed by oral prophylaxis (scaling and polishing) but with time these stains will darken and become more persistent and may even penetrate through micro-cracks in the enamel. At this stage, teeth whitening is the solution to your problem.Teeth whitening gel  uses bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide or  carbamide peroxide in variable concentrations and are normally used in two methods namely :                    

  - In office treatments                        

  - At home / over the counter treatments

In office treatments are carried out by a cosmetic dentist. A variety of different tooth whitening treatments are available in different percentage formulations. Your cosmetic dentist will determine what is best for you.Some treatments may require flashing a specific wavelength light onto the bleaching gel which is applied to the teeth to speed up the whitening process.In the at home treatment, the impression of your teeth is made by your cosmetic dentist and you are later provided a custom tray which will fit on your teeth only. You dispense a thin layer of whitening gel on the tray at home and wear it for about 2 hours a day or preferably at night.This procedure takes longer (1 to 2 weeks or maybe more)as compared to in -office whitening which is much faster and takes about 40 mins to achieve the desired results.