1. Most common complaint during pregnancy is bleeding gums, also termed pregnancy gingivitis. Your body undergoes some changes during pregnancy particularly surge in hormones i.e estrogen and progesterone. These hormones can change the way the gums reacts to the food debris and deposits that accumulate around the teeth.
  2. To avoid complicating pregnancy gingivitis, best is to maintain a meticulous oral hygiene by brushing twice daily and also remember to seek an appointment with the dentist every trimester to under cleaning or scaling. Do insist on brief dental sessions and not an elaborate one.
  3. It is best to postpone all elective dental treatment post-partum. If situation warrants, emergency treatment would need to be initiated and consent from your obstetrician is a must as you might have to undergo a procedure with appropriate medication. ( Like use of type of local anesthesia, antibiotics, and analgesics which need to be mentioned to your obstetrician.)
  4. X-rays in dentistry are a must for all elective dental treatment. Proper protection with a lead apron and thyroid collar is always recommended and best avoided during the first trimester. Present day use of digital imaging technology has considerably reduced the radiation exposure.
  5. Supplement your diet with healthy nutrition combining essential vitamins especially plenty of Vit C and Vit B12.
  6. Cultivating the habit of brushing and flossing twice daily is highly recommended. If brushing induces morning sickness, you can supplement with a mouth rinse. (Take a prescription as recommended by the dentist.)