Why is it important to educate teenagers about sexual issues?

During Puberty the bodies of minds of teenagers undergo a lot of changes. Growing up is a tough business. 

Not only there is a war of the surging hormones, and sudden change in their height and looks, during this time period teenagers are trying to find a footing of themselves. And whatever they are taught during this time, is likely to shape their outlook towards future life. They are curious, adventurous, boisterous but inside they know they lack the experience and they have their fears too. 

Most parents think exposing their children to sex-related materials may make them vulnerable to situations which may be troublesome. 

Because parents treat "sex" as a taboo, teenagers' curiosity will lead them to other sources to gain information about this topic. And most of those other sources tend to pass on wrong information or spread myths in people's minds.  The "forbidden apple " makes them strive harder to find it and explore it.  Most teenagers constantly think about sex and talk about it amongst their peers. Unfortunately, their peers being as immature as they themselves, what goes on amongst them is only half-baked truth and mostly myths. 

Educators in sexuality, those who are trained doctors have learned over the years that having imparted education some major changes were noted in the masses, those teenagers who had had these inputs were better equipped to handle their lives.  

 Adequate guidance helps prevent teenage pregnancies. Because they were taught how an unwanted pregnancy results they were better equipped at preventing it.  with education, teenagers will be better equipped to understand the repercussions of teenage pregnancy on their health as well as that of the baby. They will know the importance of ante-natal care and consequences of hiding the pregnancy for too long. They also may be able to suspect pregnancy much earlier and may be able to come forward and get help. 

The incidence of AIDs in our country has dropped considerably because more and more people are using barrier methods thus preventing the spread of infection. Not only AIDS but even other sexually transmitted diseases are thus prevented. 

 Finally, when the teenagers are better educated, free from stress and morbid fears, they will definitely turn into responsible and sensible adults.