In our modern-day society suppressing the natural urges like flatus, yawning and urine etc. are supposed to be a cultural thing. Sometimes we don't want to offend others, but do you know these urges are body's crucial requirements and suppressing these over the time can cause serious problems in the body? The following are some of the body's natural urges and diseases if suppressed over a long period of time.  After reading this, you might want to change your habit of curbing the natural urges.


Sneezing- Sneezing is one of the body’s mechanism to throw the allergy causing agents, out of the nasal cavity; hence protecting against allergens. The force of sneeze is very powerful and suppressing the sneeze can create pressure on the blood vessels of eye and ear and it can damage the Eustachian tube and rupture the ear drum. Some people might experience urine incontinence while sneezing.

Drink water when thirsty

Thirst- Restraining thirst can result in dehydration, dryness of mouth and skin, fatigue, confusion dizziness, dark-colored urine. Not taking water can disturb the cooling process of the body and cause metabolic imbalance. A habit of holding the thirst chronically causes constipation and premature ageing.

Hunger- Suppressing hunger will eventually convert into malnutrition, disturbed gastric enzyme secretion, weakness, headache, low blood sugar and sleep deprivation. When hungry, the empty stomach releases digestive juices that starts to eat the stomach linings, which results in severe gastric pain. 

Sleep- Sleep is an important need of the body. Restraining sleep can disturb body’s metabolism, can cause stress, digestive juices imbalance, depression, increase accidental chances, weight gain, high blood pressure, hallucinations, irritation, and judgmental errors.

Flatus or Fart- Holding the flatus might save you from public shame but it can give you serious abdominal disease called Diverticulitis. Besides bloating, abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, Gastro Intestinal Reflux Disease (Acid-Reflux) and abdominal pain, holding flatus can cause loss of concentration at work.

Cough- Cough is a natural cleaning response of body to throw out unnecessary things like extra mucus, allergens, dust, smoke, irritants and infections from the lungs and air way. Suppressing the cough reflex hampers the cleaning of lungs and increases the chances of lung infections.

Defecation- Habit of holding the stool for a long time can damage the anal sphincters, increases the pressure in anal cavity and result in hemorrhoids or piles. It can alter the bowel habits. It can also cause problems like indigestion and bloating.

Micturition or Pee- Holding the pee or urine for a loner time can cause problems like urinary tract infections, kidney stones, cystitis, swelling of abdomen and other problems like shivering, fever due to Urinary Tract Infection, cramps, anxiety.

Fatigue caused by sleep deprivation

Yawning- Yawning controls the temperature of the brain, cooling it down. The increased temperature is due to sleep deprivation. Yawning occurs when the brain needs more oxygen. In adults, yawning is contagious, while infants do not have any effect of contagious yawning.

Lacrymation or Tears- Tears play a vital role in our vision. Tears keep our eyes moist, kills harmful bacteria, removes toxin, elevate mood, stress, and build immunity. It is healthy to shed a tear now and then.