Targeted radiofrequency therapy is a new concept in physiotherapy allowing the therapist using its distinctive skill with physical modality. The core of the targeted radiofrequency therapy system lies in its effects which significantly brings immediate and long-lasting results. Inspite of wide range of physiotherapy instruments currently in use, which also includes various devices for generating induced electrical currents, or currents transmitted directly to the human body, there are different articular, tendinous and myoenthesial pathological processes which are particularly resistant to treatment and, in the long term, limit daily activity of the patients.

 The possibility that a novel epoch of in depth energy transfer may be useful in such cases to shorten and resolve such pathologies and would emerge to be worth of consideration.

Targeted radiofrequency therapy is a multi-disciplinary device which covers vast number of musculoskeletal disorders indications.Whether you prefer massage, passive movement or any other technique, it can be used with all of them.This enhances the results and reduces the recovery time very significantly.The therapy is very pleasant as the heat spreads through the body and is also supported with valid medical effects it causes such as myorelaxation, analgesia etc(1). It distributes high-frequency energy into the tissue selectively and causes hyperthermy right where needed, whether it’s a deep muscle, ligament, joint or superficial structure. TR-Therapy instantly reduces pain and edema, relaxes tense muscles and regenerates damaged tissue.

 The Targeted radiofrequency therapy enhances all the physiological processes needed by the body to heal any injury or disease. In acute injuries significantly accelerates recovery time. In chronic injuries reactivates different processes which if are inhibited would disable the termination of the healing.


Exceptional tissue selectivity

Targeted radiofrequency therapy transfers radiofrequency energy through tissue using either capacitive or resistive applicator.

 Capacitive mode is used to treat superficial structures, such as skin and muscles.

 Resistive way of application treats deep structures, such as deep muscles, tendons and bones. This therapy transfers high frequency electromagnetic energy through the tissues of the body creating selective tissue hyperthermia.

Dynamic impedence control

The impedence of the tissue is measured during the whole therapy. The power is modulated to fit the exact characteristics and conditions of the treated tissues. Since the peak values are regulated at the same time, the tissue is evenly heated regardless of its immediate impedence.

Medical Effects

Targeted radiofrequency therapy has thermic and athermic medical effects. Thermic effect includes muscle relaxation, analgesic effect and supports healing. Athermic effects includes Anti- inflammatory effect, edema reduction and toxin absorption.


Muscle relaxation : It causes local hyperthermia and vasodilatation. Dialated blood vessels are responsible for higher blood perfusion which results in muscle relaxation. This effect of muscle relaxation can be used to treat various conditions e.g. in trigger point treatment, muscle spasms of various origin or to increase flexibility of shortened muscles.

 Analgesia : Analgesic effect is the principal medical effect of this therapy.The effect of pain relief is a result of combination of all the thermic and athermic effects of targeted radiofrequency as pain can be caused by  edema, muscle spasm, muscle injury or inflammation. 

Enhancement of healing : It supports healing at both macroscopic and cellular level. On the macroscopic level, due to heating of the tissues there is an increase in blood perfusion in that area.The exchange between veins and tissue happens faster and the tissue is supplied with more oxygen and nutrients in shorter time. On the cellular level, it improves tissue metabolism which in turn causes faster healing.


Anti inflammatory effects :  Targeted radiofrequency therapy  treats inflammation by accelerating cell metabolism and resorption of proinflammatory mediators. Decreased concentration in proinflammatory mediators restores capillary permeability and results in complete elimination of inflammation.

Edema reduction :This Therapy helps in  reducing edema by allowing  faster restoration of the capillary permeability caused by damage to the structural integrity such as tissue trauma. It is successful in treating both acute and chronic edema through increasing the activity of the lymphatic system.

 Toxin absorption : During overloading  of physical activity our body produces excessive amounts of lactic acid which crystalizes in the muscle and causes pain. Targeted radiofrequency Therapy if used during or immediately after training or during re-convalescence phase activates the lymphatic system to fasten the circulation and hence faster absorption of lactic acid. As a result the muscles are relaxed and ready for further, pain free performance.And thus support healing. 


  • Post traumatic edema
  • Myalgia
  • Tendonitis
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Low back pain
  • Cervical pain
  • Sprains
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Muscle regeneration after injuries
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Trigger points
  • Malignancy
  • Pacemaker
  • Febrile conditions
  • Infection in local area
  • Pregnancy
  • Sensory loss