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Trendy ,Confident Independent Intelligent Multi Dimensional ...There are plenty of words to describe women of this Era.

Women Play different roles in a day..Mother,Wife, Daughter,Teacher etc  .They have come out of NutShell and spread across different fields of Arts,Literature,sports,Technology,Education and politics.We can proudly say that women manage work life and personal life at ease and excellency.

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In due course of time women undergo various kinds of stress both Physical and Mental. 

Which in turn impacts their Emotions ,This has a greater influence on Hormones .

Hormones can be called "Power House" in regulating Menstruation,Ovulation and Fertilization.

Menstruation-Or also called Monthly periods, is considered to be regular if it occurs once in(28 to 45 )days.

what if this period misses? this is called Amenorrhoea.

Amenorrhoea is again of two types 1. Primary Amenorrhoea

                                                               2.Secondary Amenorrhoea.

Primary Amenorrhoea is the condition wherein the girl does not attain her first menses even after she is 16yrs old.This is due to     A.Genital Deformities bybirth

                                             B.Chromosomal Abnormality.

                                             C.Hormonal Insufficiency

Secondary Amenorrhoea is the condition where the girl would have attained her Menarche( first periods) with regular monthly menstrual flow , but after some months or years there is absence of Menstruation.

This may be due to,  1. Anemia

                                    2.Thyroid Hormone deficiency

                                    3.Uterine Fibroid

                                    4.Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Common Factors Leading To Above Are,

A. Sedentary lifestyle(Less Exercise and More Comforts)

B.Depending more on junk food ( cheesy ,oily, spicy)

C.Altered Sleeping Habits.(Staying awake at night and sleeping all day)

All the above factors together leads to Imbalance in Body Equllibrium and according to AYURVEDA  , 

Dosha (Vat,Pit and Kaph)gets vitiated causing Menstrual disorders.

Simple tips to  Regulate Menstruation,

1.Daily exerscise( Aprox 30 mins walking /workout )

2.Ample water and fluids intake ( 2 literes of water +1 aprox to beat summer heat)

3. Replace one meal with  fresh fruits or vegie salads

4. Sleep at least for 7 hrs a day

5. Meditation for 15mins in morning and evening.

6.Avoid eating heavy food at night

7. Maintain atleast 4 hrs gap between each meal intake .

8.Develop  positive aproach towars life.

To End with i would Like to Say 

Behind Every Successfull Man theres A Women and Behind Every Succesfull Women ....

                                ''  Its her  Healthy,Mind And Body''