What distinguishes successful people from others?

Successful people take 100% responsibility for their lives! Have you ever wondered how you are supposed to take 100% responsibility when you don’t even have the ability to control any of the things that happen in your life?

Well, let me introduce you to the concept of ‘The Law of Attraction’. The principle says that you attract whatever you want if you want it badly enough.

WEIGHT LOSS. How badly do you want it? If you do, just apply the ‘Law of Attraction‘ and gain full control of your life. The principle of taking 100% responsibility in your life boils down to this simple formula: Event + Response = Outcome

Events are largely influenced by external factors, which most of us do not have a direct control over. Example, we cannot control the weather, the economic condition of the country etc. but you do have control over the response towards an event that occurs in your life. The same event may occur in two different lives. These two people can have different responses and thus, different outcomes.

For example, there is an economic downturn. Ravi and Smita, who worked in the same company, got retrenched. Ravi gets so upset that he keeps blaming the company for the state he is in. He takes up drinking and does not want to look for another job. Six months later, he is still jobless and his wife leaves him. On the other hand, Smita recognizes that she has been retrenched as she has not upgraded her skills for many years. She takes this chance to sign up for a short course to retool herself. After 6 months, she lands a new job that pays her a higher salary.

Can you see how these two people responded differently to the same event and how it brought about different outcomes to their experience?

‘The Law of Attraction’ teaches the principle that we become what we think most about. Our emotional guidance system is our powerful asset, which allows us to provide intended responses to an event.

When you are in a positive energy vibration, you tend to:

  1. Attract positive events, people, and resources into your experience. Yes, you do not have direct control over events but you sure have indirect influence as like energy attracts like. When you are in an uplifted mood, you find yourself attracting more positive events to sustain your happiness.
  2. Your positive emotion allows you to respond positively to an event even if the event is an unfavorable one. When your response is positive, you are focusing your thoughts on getting positive outcomes like gaining better health through weight loss. The Universe responds by giving you positive events to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Success is simple if you always remember and apply the two powerful formulas

Formula 1: Event + Response = Outcome

Formula 2: Thought + Emotion = Desired Result

Now that you understand how to take 100% responsibility in your mind, using The ‘Law of Attraction’, you will start attracting abundance into your experiences. You have already attracted a positive outcome by coming to the right place PrettislimTM, for your desire to be healthy and attractive!