It’s springtime and the weather is nice for a change, not too cold, not too warm. And still, you feel irritated with feverish characteristics in spite of taking care of diet and clothing. You keep on sneezing, more in the evening. What is can possibly be?

In this season, when pollination takes place in the environment, there is all probability that you could have a pollen allergy. Here are a few symptoms to look for to be sure about it:


The most fragrance-based or dust-based allergies cause the patient to sneeze repeatedly. If you do not feel cold and still keep on sneezing with a slight irritation in your nasal passage, it could be a symptom of pollen allergies. If you have this allergy, you will sneeze more after the sunset as pollens (mostly sticking to your clothes) no more get the warm temperature and react.

Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion along with wheezing is one of the other symptoms. If it persists day after day, you should immediately get a check-up done to stop the condition from worsening.

Itchy Eyes and Sore throat

If you are allergic to pollens, your eyes with get itchy when it comes in contact to these (they aren’t visible to naked eyes easily). You will also develop a sore or rather itchy throat in spite of being otherwise healthy.

Allergies are often ignored to get cured by their own, but it’s a very dangerous thing to do. We recommend regular checkups during this season if you have any of the symptoms above. These allergies if worsened can even result in diseases like Asthma at a later stage.