Chronic renal disease is a progressive kidney disease causing gradual loss of Renal Function.

The disease can be the result of prior problems like diabetes, hypertension (BP) or can be due to hereditary.

The disease has 5 different stages of which stage 1 being the mildest and stage 5 being the severe one causing maximum damage to kidney and leading to kidney failure.

There occurs decrease in GFR. As the kidney function declines waste products build up in blood causing condition of uraemia further leading to complications of high BP, anemia and early bone disease.

The patients show symptoms of:

- fatigue, fluid retention, swelling of extremities, shortness of breath, 

- urination changes ( foamy dark orange, brown, tea coloured, or may contain blood).

- pain radiating in back as sign of kidney pain.

- sleep disturbances, cramping of muscles, restlessness.

CKD patients ends up with renal replacement therapy involving dialysis or ideally kidney replacement. 

Treatment of disease includes early detection and prevention. Dietary changes with proper treatment  helps in dealing progression of CKD.

The scientific homeopathy gives treatment which has clinical and evidence based treatment given to reverse and completely treat patients with CKD.