Sometimes there are complaints we as a doctor finds it very difficult to resolve. One of the most common  complaints is swelling over feet mostly and sometimes all over the body. Mostly after investigations we are not able to diagnose his problem. Let's start with the commonality of the issue, most female's witness heaviness and slight swelling over face , limbs during periods, this is the normal thing. Persistent swelling over the lower limbs demands, investigations for alocal cause and if limited to one limb.we need to see whether this is lymphedema like elephantiasis, venous edema where the veins malfunction because ofdysfunction of their one sided valve. Swelling needs evaluation for liver andrenal function, needs tests for anaemia and also blood proteins i.e albumin,rarelyheart failure .If the reports are normal we can see if any drug like anantihypertensive  , anti diabetic medicine is causing the swelling. Many patients will not have a diagnosis even after these efforts. Patients who are overweight or obese will have swollen feetbecause of venous congestion or because of  the obesity itself. Consult a good doctor , getproper investigations, follow the advice and if there are no definate leads ,resort to protecting your feet .Avoid untoward trauma, don’t walk barefoot,apply moisturiser to feet, keep it clean and protected in a good footwear.