Summertime is generally a free period for children as well as parents, hence it is the best time for Braces.

Summer time to adjust:

There is going to be an adjustment period when you get braces. Your mouth has to adjust to having something new in it. They can make difficult to talk and eat. You have to essentially relearn how to do some of the most basic tasks your mouth does. Trying to learn these things during the school year can make getting braces even more stressful than the process already is for most teens. During the summer, however, you have the ability to hide out for a few days as you adjust to your new braces. If you’re experiencing a little bit of discomfort or are still trying to get the hang of eating without dribbling, the summer ensures that you can handle both these things without having to worry about school and extracurricular activities.

So that the child gets accustomed to the braces before school/ college begins. Watch the video to know more about how braces can transform your smile and boost your confidence.