Whether you are just running errands during summer or sweating out hard in the sun, you are at risk of getting damage from the sun. Wrinkles, dark spots, tanning, sunburn even sun allergies occur due to excessive sun exposure. So for this summer face the sun rays with more confidence while you follow our simple tips.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen:

Just applying sunscreen is fairly not enough, a sunscreen should form a thick layer so as to fulfil the purpose of “sunscreen”.

  • Give yourself one minute time for applying sunscreen and use liberal quantity 
  • Get outside after 15-20 minutes of proper application 
  • Repeat application should be done preferably after two hours
  • Sunscreen application should be incorporated into your daily schedule like how regularly we brush our teeth
  • Do not shy away from sunscreen use if it is not suiting your skin, consult a dermatologist for the best-suited sunscreen for you

Prefer shady areas:

Avoid going out the sun during mid-morning (10 a.m) to late afternoon (3 pm) because that is the time when you will facing the major brunt of the sun. Rays are quite strong during that time. If unavoidable prefer to be in shady areas to further minimize the damage. 

Stay well hydrated:

Drink plain water as that can work wonders for your skin by maintaining a critical balance of skin and body through drink just enough water to quench the thirst. Try to avoid harsh sun exposure as that can cause dehydration and will make you feel tired. Be under the sun for around 20 minutes and then follow the shades.

Follow a healthy diet schedule:

Adding certain antioxidant-rich compounds to your diet can add to the health benefits further. green leafy vegetables, carrot, fruits like apples, grapes, blackberries and nuts can improve the skin immune system.