The Best New Year Gift for this Couple.

They came to us one year ago. Three months prior to that, the lady lost her first pregnancy, because the baby died inside the uterus at 30-week of pregnancy. We provided them with TLC (Tender Loving Care).

We explained to them that we need to do some tests to find out the cause of fetal death (IUFD- Intrauterine Fetal Death). If any cause would be found, we could take some corrective measures in the next pregnancy. However, in 50% cases, no cause of IUFD could be found despite extensive investigations but in that case, the chance of recurrence is very rare and we can provide some "Empirical Treatment" (can try some medicines but their effectiveness is questionable, however they are not harmful). Here all the investigation reports were normal. We discovered she is beta thalassemia minor (but husband's test is normal) and hypothyroid (controlled with medicine). 

We asked them to try naturally for 3 months. She conceived soon. We again discussed the merits and demerits of "Empirical Treatment" and they agreed. So, we started Low Dose Aspirin and Low Molecular Weight Heparin Injection. We performed all routine tests like Combined Test, Anomaly Scan, OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) etc. These were all normal. As per International Recommendation, we advised serial Growth Scan with Colour Doppler to see baby's growth and blood flow in different organs. These were normal.

We discussed with them the merits and demerits of Delivery at 37 weeks. They agreed to proceed. The mother was given Steroid Injection to promote the Lung Maturity of the baby. 

As per their request, the delivery was done on 1st January 2019 at 7 AM (date and time were decided by the woman). The healthy baby boy was born, cried at birth and was handed to the mother. The mother is also healthy. Today, they are going back home. 

Thus, the lady left home for hospitalization in 2018 (31 December) and she is returning home in 2019 with her New Year Gift.