When the skin is subjected to stretching beyond its elasticity it results in stretch marks. It is a common problem seen in pregnant women. In the last stage of pregnancy when their skin is stretched to its greatest force, it leaves several marks on the stomach and lower abdomen.

The Other Major Factors Are:

Sudden weight gain

Muscle Building



Previously there were no proper treatments for getting rid of stretch marks completely, but with the advancement in technology now there are various laser treatments being done to treat the same. Depending on the scar depth the treatment is suggested by the dermatologist. As these treatments are too expensive most of the dermatologists suggest ways by which the marks can be lightened, these include:

Using creams or products that have Vitamin E content

Keeping your skin moisturized

Having control over your body weight

Massaging the affected area with aloe vera gel can also help treat stretch marks

To avoid any kind of skin infections/disorders it is advised that you take proper care of our skin and keep it clean and moisturized always. Whenever you come across any symptoms visit the doctor and get it treated immediately.

“Prevention is better than cure”.