“World No Tobacco Day” is observed on May 31st of every year. Basically, tobacco is prepared from the tobacco plant. Tobacco contains a chemical substance called as nicotine which is really addictive causes many health problems by affecting our vital organs.

There are 2 forms of tobacco: Smoke-less (gutkha, Betel nut) and cigarette form (Cigars, bidis, hookah). These are the most common types which are absolutely not at all safe for human body. 


  •  People who smoke have severe stains deposited on their teeth and gradually it affects the gums which are again black pigmented giving bad breath. It spreads into the jaw bone causing bone loss and eventually tooth loss.
  • Smokeless tobacco initially causes ulcers in the oral cavity, gradually leads to burning sensation on having spicy foods. Later on, it forms fibrous thick bands inside the cheeks which reduces mouth opening. This condition comes under pre-cancerous lesion known as “oral sub-mucous fibrosis”.
  • People who are habituated to chew betel nut gradually develop pre-cancerous lesions too.     
  • The cigarette is very harmful to health as it destroys your lungs. The moment one starts smoking it increases the temperature in the mouth where oral soft tissues are affected.    
  • Tobacco chewing in the form of powder (zarda) along with betel nut directly causes cancer.   
  • Tobacco is an addictive chemical substance that contains many carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) 
  • Tobacco in the form of hookah is also injurious to health. 
  • Tobacco destroys not the only human body but also leads to family loss/ emotional sufferings.
  • Tobacco consuming habit once it reaches cancer, its difficult to save lives and if at all the person has survived will have compromised facial asymmetry.
  • Due to tobacco once the damage starts in the body its difficult to get back to the normal stage.