Who doesn’t love themselves too much? Without sounding narcissist, we all do, right? Now there are times when we go over-the-top and end up sabotaging our bodies and minds.For example, as soon as the summer sun hits and the months are hot, dry and parch, we tend to guzzle down crates of root beer to cool and chill off,without realizing when Fall arrives, our beer bellies are too big. Not only this, there are a series of health issues to deal with as well. So, stop summer sabotaging yourself, will you!

Take a pledge to love yourself a little more today

Yes, the summer monthscan be cruel and unforgiving, but that doesn’t mean in a bid to stay cool you’dend up losing the gorgeous you? Think about all the lovely events, parties, pubhopping you would be invited to when Christmas arrives, and not looking thepart would play rain on a crisp winter night- damper alert!

“According to USDA analyses, a cup of premium ice cream often has more than 500calories and is loaded with added sugars and saturated fat. For comparison, acup of frozen soft-serve yogurt has about 230 calories.” Source:HuffingtonPost.

5 easy ways to stop thesummer sabotage, starting now!

Is that how you wantyour year to end? Certainly not- here are 5 easy ways to stop the summersabotage, starting now!

1. Baked not fried

Try staying away fromoily foods as much as possible. Baked and not fried should be the way to goevery summer. In addition to keeping the right shape and weight of the body,you could also lose weight and not worry about the excess flab or fat on youwhen the parties come by. Baked chips instead of fries, baked veggies, shouldyou not like it raw- a touch of pepper can help spice things up too.

2. A drink or two

Red wine when chilledis good for the body, instead of beers in summers. Wine glasses are smaller inquantity to consumer, much smaller than what your regular pints of beer wouldoffer. So skip the beers at the BBQs and have red wine instead, and here iswhat experts at Harvard University have to say on thesame lines.

3. BBQ bites

Beer and burgers, canwe ditch them both because they have too much fat and unwanted calories inthem, that aren’t good for the body. What about tofu BBQs, or maybe healthygrilled meats sans the grease and oils with red wines? Ditch the creamydesserts too, and opt for healthy fruit bowls for sweet touches while the mid day gatheringsare on!

4. Small portions a day

With the summer heat,one doesn’t really want to have too much to gorge on, which is but natural. Andinstead of having three large meals a day, sticking to six small portions persnack would be fine.  Speak to a nutritionistto find out the right amount of proteins and carbs and good nutrition your bodywould need.  Salad dressings are a no-no!

5. Walk and work out

Don’t be a couch potatothis summer, not when the breezy summer evenings invite you out for a treat!Take a walk with your dad, your mom, your special someone or with your pet- 30minutes of walking can help you keep in shape, helps the respiratory system tooand makes you body fit and active as well!

No more guilty winters to deal with, not when you have stopped the sabotage of summers!