Someone once quoted, "Its all about quality life and not the quantity". I believe a person who can chew his food properly is blessed with a healthy life. However things can turn bad  due to missing teeth with age. Dentures have been a traditional approach to missing teeth . Recently I came across a patient who was 92 years old and have been on khichdi diet for years. Fed up she wanted to change her lifestyle (as they say age is just a number). What could we do? We decided to give her dental implants and denture fixed on it.  We successfully completed the treatment in 4 months but the wait was worth it. 

Today Dental implants have paved the way for a fulfilling and better lifestyle minus the pains of loose fitting dentures.

The procedure is simple and pain free. Lets understand the 6 easy steps involved from start to finish.

1) First step is to do some basic investigations: If diabetes, high blood pressure are not a problem if they are well controlled. LDL and HDL levels along with vitamin D are important aspects to check before implants.

2) Measurements in mouth are made and x-rays taken to plan the placements of implants.

3) Implants are placed under local anesthesia painlessly. (Implants are made of titanium are well suited for the body)

4) Wait for 4 months for implant to join with bone 

5) The implants are connected with special attachments.

6) Denture is made and connected to attachments.

Voila! You are ready to enjoy your food.

It is very satisfying as a doctor see our patients enjoying their quality life and i believe that implant based dentures are a boon for our senior citizens.