Srimad Bhagwad Gita is a literary composition of utmost mystery. It has been created in such an easy and beautiful way that anybody can understand it with only a little effort. But, the core meaning is so mysterious and difficult and intense that it is never exhausted even after constantly practising for years, every time one reads it, experiences new thoughts and themes emerging out of the text. Wellbeing in the Gita has been explained as a holistic concept that can be broken down into different aspects for the ease of comprehension. This can be understood as an individual to be a composite of the following:

  • The Physical Self, Individual as a Physical Being: The physical body, its maintenance and survival.
  • The Emotional Self, Individual as an Emotional Being: The way we feel in particular situation and the way we control the emergence and expressions of our emotions. 
  • The Intellectual self, Individual as an Intellectual Being: The way we think, perceive and analyze things, utilize our intelligence and the power of the mind.
  • The Social Self, Individual as a Social Being: The way we behave with others in social situations.
  • The Spiritual Self, Individual as a Spiritual Being: Knowing our self, understanding our relationships with others and the supreme, path of sacrifice, devotion and renunciation. 

Each one aspect is mutually exclusive and yet dependent and related to the other. These are mutually exclusive because they have separate conceptual definitions both in terms of existence and expressions, and are interrelated because no individual is a separate physical,  emotional, intellectual, social or spiritual being at one point of time.  

All these aspects work together to make a person a whole person, what happens to one can affect all the other aspects