“When you lose temper you lose worth’’ it happens when you get angry, the anger acts like a poison to the body and mind. When anger gets a hold on you, you lose the control of things; according to a study every 2 people out of 10 have major anger issues damaging their life. Anger precipitates alcohol consumption and smoking that is why anger has a direct influence on our health, anger has been linked to heart disease, so anger should be managed vigorously. Anger is your biggest foe because it hurts you physically, emotionally, financially and relationship wise so this article is all about how we can manage our anger. Anger is a natural emotion, but it gets unhealthy when we cannot control it and start to get annoyed on little things.

  • You can control your anger by bringing a slight change in your lifestyle, try decreasing smoking, alcohol and meat from your life. Or try to drink a lot of water, eat healthy and vegetarian diet.
Eliminate Smoking and Alcohol
  • Detach yourself from the anger causing issue, If two people are having a heated conversation, walking away of one can ensure that the situation do not escalate, Go for a stroll ,leave the anger environment, deep breathe ,drink some water and try to calm down. Try to handle the angry person with calmness, love and compassion.
  • Stay Calm
  • A big part of anger management is to accept to the fact that we have an anger issue, a lot of people do not accept it, when you address to the problem; you have a better chance of seeking the help. Try to find the beginning, the root cause of the negative emotion.
  • In your job environment, when your boss gets angry at you, change and work your reaction of anger. Your response to the anger could define the future and direction of the argument.