Visible white smile; and that's what we want on our first day to the office or first date, a perfect selfie because well, the first impression is what matters! 

Common beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, cola etc. can leave unwanted stains on our teeth that can sometimes be embarrassing. Don't let your favourite drink get in the way of getting whiter teeth, as these stains can be easily removed.

  • Tannins in black tea make it a stain culprit. 
  • Go for green, white or herbal tea if you are craving a cup.

  • Sugary and diet cola's dark and cold temperature promotes teeth staining.
  • Choose soda water or sparkling water when you are looking for a fizzy refreshment.
    • Even a little bit of black coffee can stain your teeth.
    • Add milk if you must drink coffee and swish with water when you are done.
    • Dark coloured and acidic fruit juices like cranberry juice, stain and dull your teeth.
    • Opt for eating a piece of whole fruit, like an apple instead of drinking juice.
    • The acid in the wine wears away Enamel, leaving teeth more susceptible to stain.
    • Red wine's colour causes more stains but White wine's acidity also promotes them.
    • To get rid of already existing stains every individual should get scaling and polishing done every 6 months.

    What is Scaling?

    Scaling is a basic dental procedure which involves cleaning the teeth and removal of grey, yellow, brown deposits ( calculus and plaque). This procedure is necessary for removal of the layer which is the major reasons that cause gum diseases. A layer of plaque is formed immediately after brushing This if left on the teeth can attract minerals from the saliva and harden causing tartar. Both these are harmful to the gums if progress can lead to periodontal disease. Hence professional cleaning ( scaling ) is required at least twice a year for removal of calculus.If the deposits are superficially present then it is generally a painless procedure, however, local anaesthesia may be required if the deposits are present below the gums.There may be slight bleeding as the plaque and tartar usually cause gum inflammation and touching highly inflamed gums can cause bleeding.

    Given below is a picture portraying an example of stained teeth followed by through full mouth ultrasonic scaling and polishing.

    Patient having sever stains and moderate calculus before ultrasonic scaling
    Post ultrasonic scaling and polishing

    If you have similar problems do visit your nearest dentist for a routine dental check-up.

    So go out and grab few strawberries to fight those stubborn stains.