Every time you want to go the dentist, the first thing that you have in mind is how long is it going to take, I can’t keep going to the dentist for weeks or months. For prevention, usually the appointments are fewer and cost effective. While when you have avoided the dentists regular visit, youdo end up reaching your dentist in pain and discomfort, requiring more elaborate treatments, that maybe time consuming and Yes, more expensive aswell. All said and done, more often than not you would not pay attention to prevention and end up needing dental treatments.

Gone are the days when you needed to wait weeks for treatment to happen. With the latest technologies and advancement in materials, you can have that perfect smile in just a few days.

Swift treatment protocols like Single-day Root canal treatments, Teeth in a day(Dental Implants), 24 Hour Dentures, Immediate dentures, Metal free crowns in 2 days have now made your dental visits shorter and quicker.

Single Day Root Canal Treatments:

Root canal treatments have for long been dreaded by patients,for the number of appointments and the pain as well. But with newer treatment protocols and advanced materials, they can be completed in a single appointment. They are both cost effective and more comfortable.

  • Teeth in a day
    Missing tooth and want immediate replacement? Now with the latest advances in Implantology, Immediate Provisional Teeth can be given after implant placement. Also if you need a bridge, your dentist will replace it provisionally the same day and recall you for the permanent within a few days.

  • 24 Hour dentures
    We understand that patients requiring dentures, cannot come repeatedly to the dental clinic and want the dentures made as quickly as possible. Your dentist offers dentures that are delivered within a day’s time.However, the quality and fit is ensured, as all steps will be completed but swiftly, over 2 days.

  • Immediate Dentures
    Need to get teeth extracted but can’t go without teeth even for a day? Now you can get immediate dentures made that can be replaced immediately after extraction. They are painless replacements that also aid healing of the extraction sites. These dentures can later be replaced to more permanent restorations when healing is complete. This is available for single tooth or multiple teeth.

  • Change your Smile in 2days
    With the availability of advanced laboratory support, Your Dentist is able to change your smile using metal free restorations and veneers in 2 days time.

So next time you go to ‘Your Dentist’, you know there is no more waiting for long.