Sweet cravings!!I guess most us have it.Our lunch or dinner is incomplete without a dessert ,it can be a piece of chocolate , a bowl of kheer,fruit custard or 3-4 pieces of rasgulla/gulab jamun. Usually when we are hit by a sweet craving bomb we gobble up some cupcakes,pastries,doughnuts ,brownies (they sound mouthwatering don't they?.But there is a reason why the body would keep on asking for a sweet treats every now and then.Frequent sugar cravings can be a sign of something deeper and hence you need to watch out for these visible signs.

Here are possible reasons for excessive cravings-

  1. Stress,exhaustion and sleep deprivation contribute to the feeling of consuming something sweet.When you are low on energy the body would crave for sugar because it is in dire need of some energy and sugar would seem to provide immediate relief.But beware this can be a never ending cycle and you would continue eating sugary stuff to stave off that feeling.Rather learn to manage your stress levels and sleep well.
  2. Lack of activity is one more reason why the body craves sweet.When you aren't active,there is a sluggish feeling which in turn takes you towards  your very dear cupcakes and candies.Hence it is important to stay active and indulge in some physical activity daily.
  3. Dehydration is one more prominent reason leading to sugar cravings.When you are dehydrated the body might ask for sugar and the best way to drive it away is to have a glass of water.

What you can do to tame the sweet monster?Reach out for foods like sweet potato,sweet corn,pumpkin as these can help you in satisfying your sweety sweety tooth.

If you really have to eat chocolate then have a 70% plus dark cocoa chocolate and make sure it's not more than 2 pieces.

The best alternatives are the following -

  1. 2 Dates
  2. 2 Apricots.
  3. 3-4 Raisins
  4. 2 pieces anjeer

Or simply 1-2 pieces of rajgira chikki.

So if you have to eat something sweet make sure its healthy too.Sweets are always tempting but can prove to be a bane later in life.Hence its necessary to know what you have been putting in your mouth all these years and why it isn't healthy enough.