Q1. Does ECG diagnose heart attack?

Ans: YES! Most often it does, but not always.

Q2. IS ECG always enough to diagnose a heart attack?

Ans: No! ECG may be normal or non specific. Still a person may have heart attack. ECG tells us a lot, still it is ONLY the TIP OF THE ICEBERG in diagnosis of heart diseases.

Q3. What do we do do diagnose heart attack when ECG is normal, and still heart attack is suspected?

Ans. Do a simple blood test called, troponin test. It's the next best step.

Q4. Is it still possible to have heart blockages with normal Ecg, ECHO and troponin?

Ans: YES. Such blockages are detected clinically by doctor based on classical symptoms of chest discomfort called “angina”. If a person has significant blockages but still no heart attack, usually ECG and ECHO are normal. 

Q5. What tests help to diagnose such blockages?

Ans: Usually TMT (Treadmill test) or STRESS ECHO pick up such underlying blockages.

Q6. So should I undergo routine TMT test to find out any possible blockages in heart?

Ans: No! A big NO. Such tests should not be done routinely. Only if you have some symptoms suggestive of angina and doctor advices you, only then undergo these tests.

Q7. What should I do routinely to ensure a healthy heart?

Ans: Just do a routine Blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol check and keep under control. Do regular 30 min daily exercise, eat healthy and keep your weight under control. No smoking and tobacco consumption.