Tab SOCIAL DISTANCING once daily!!

The advent of 2020 observes a lockdown as an effect of COVID-19 pandemic which augmented on March 24, 2020 and is still on, which would probably be registered as one of the longest and the largest lockdowns in the history of India.

COVID-19 is the official name given to the disease caused by the novel coronavirus (an antigenically stronger variant of SARS CoV of 2002) which emerged in a wet market of Wuhan, a city in The People's Republic of China from a handful of cases in Dec 2019, eventually affecting more than 2.3 million people in more than 180 countries around the globe, and claiming more than 160 thousand lives as on date.

The reason behind this explosion is its mode of transmission. Being highly contagious, the disease spreads through droplet phenomenon i.e. the virus-containing droplets are shed when infected individual sneezes or coughs and get lodged onto the mucosal lining of airways of the victim in their close vicinity. The heavier droplets tend to fall within one metre of the source. A few lighter ones may travel beyond and settle down on surfaces, such as table tops, garments, and many other household items, and may remain active for as long as 72 hours, thus making the transmission more viable and the disease highly contagious.

No empirical treatment has been designed to cure this disease as yet, Social Distancing becomes the only effective "drug" to eradicate this community disaster. Only those affected can understand the importance of taking drugs religiously. COVID-19 does not target any individual, it hits, in fact, has hit the global community as a whole. Thus, it has to be the community who should be taking the drug of Social Distancing religiously as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

Let me clarify that Social distancing does not only mean staying indoors, but it also intends to maintain a protective distance (two meters to be surely safe) from one's family members, especially from the ones who are experiencing flu-like illness.