What are dental veneers & why you need them?

Who in the world would not love to smile and create an excellent impact with gleaming teeth line? Perhaps nobody. But what about those unfortunate individuals who have slightly misaligned, stained, or crooked teeth line and never feel easy to express their happiness with a hearty smile? Are there any solutions for them? Yes, smile makeovers with veneers can do wonders for them and create a positive impact on their self esteem. Although it is a challenging procedure, its demand is growing at feverish pace due to its huge popularity. But wait, what are these veneers and how can it satiate your need for a smile makeover? Let us find it out.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers, also known as dental porcelain laminates or simply as porcelain veneers are nothing but ultra thin, highly customized tooth colored shells that are bonded with the front side of teeth to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Made out of porcelain or resin composite materials, veneers made out of good design can easily change color, size and shape and even length of your existing teeth line.

Which one to choose?

These variations, porcelain and composite materials, have their own merits. While porcelain veneers offer better stain resistance and light reflecting properties, its counterpart veneer requires only less removal of tooth surface before its fitting. Based on the medical condition and your aspirations, the best choice shall be aptly made by your dentist in Pune.

Why should one choose veneers?

Well, there are plethora of reasons that validate the necessity for choosing veneers.

  • Natural looking

Veneers are excellent choice for those who prefer natural look for their teeth. The astounding ability of veneers, be it in mimicking light reflection or exhibiting the characteristics of enamel, makes it a perfect choice.

  • Perfect match

Many a time, only partial camouflaging may be the functional requirement and a complete makeover of the frontal teeth line may not be necessary. Veneers, with their sheer ability to perfectly match the existing teeth, can be successfully deployed only on the portion that needs medical attention.

  • Excellent durability

A properly designed and bonded veneer can easily render service atleast for 10 years. Of course, it goes without saying that the veneer lined teeth should have been well maintained by you.

  • Good stain resistance

Porcelain veneers offer excellent resistance to stains caused by beverages such as tea, coffee, or soft drinks. But it should be noted that other teeth that are not covered are still prone to stains and hence it is always better to refrain from stain causing agents.

  • Fast results

Unlike crowns, veneers can yield quick results. That being said, the expertise of your dentist plays a huge role in success of dental veneers. A well designed veneer can be easily fit in two or three sessions and can bring out the best smile you have ever had.

  • Strong teeth

Veneers not only play a good role in bringing back your smile, but it can also be an excellent tool to impart functionality. Yes, fractured or cracked tooth can be easily brought to normalcy with the help of veneers. With technology making advances in great pace, the techniques that are being used for the veneers fixing is also getting improved every day.

  • Filling gaps

Gaps between few frontal teeth always present an embarrassing situation – to smile or not, even for a good joke. Although it is possible to cover the gaps with resin bonding, for most of the situations, veneers can be successfully used to achieve better results.

  • Less recovery time

After the veneers are placed on your teeth, it immediately sets firmly on the surface and presents you with an excellent opportunity to return back to normal functionality.

To sum it up, it is time for you to get ready for a complete smile makeover for which you have been yearning for a long time. And all it requires is your aspiration and the expertise of a dentist.