We live in a health and beauty conscious society. In fact since the turn of century the idea that “beautiful
is better” have been pushed up. Today’s patient is health oriented, esthetically driven and wants the best cosmetic health care that can be delivered. Smile is the most recognized expression used to convey a sense of personality and well being as it is the integral part of this cosmetic health. 

Basically the smile is dependent on the musculature and the presence of the teeth. But every person is not fortunate enough to have a beautiful smile. The answer to the above problem is the esthetic dentistry which has developed leaps and bounds with the latest technologies and materials. Prosthodontist is probably the best person to identify the quality of smile. Further he is also able to change the quality of smile with the recently available innovative techniques and the state of art restorative materials and to plan restorations,to harmonize with the smile. 

Total smile analysis is important in diagnosis and treatment planning of esthetic restorations. Total smile analysis is a cumulative inference analysis, drawn by interpreting and integrating various analysis like a visual, space profile and computer analysis after performing the preliminary analysis. 

Space analysis - helps the dentist to gauge the amount of space available during the treatment planning stage.  The concept is to measure the widths of all the  teeth and to compare it with space present in the arch.  This determines whether the space available for restorations and natural teeth is less or more than required.

Disproportionate spaces may be due to discrepancies in jaw and tooth size, malformed teeth, missing teeth,
malaligned teeth etc.  The space analysis will provide a guideline or a frame work within which the esthetic
dentist has to plan each restoration.

Profile analysis -While examining the patients profile, the normal profile is referred to as straight orthognathic.  Any deviation from this should be recorded and considered in treatment planning.  Examination of the profile could be in the antero-posterior plane or in the vertical plane. 

Computer Analysis - Radiographs and photographic images have been used as an essential aid in diagnosis, record keeping, communications and treatment planning.  Computer aided technology has broadened the scope of applications as well as enhanced the utility of radiographs and photographs in the dental field.  The new intra-oral cameras with digital support and the radio-visio graphy are indispensable tools at the esthetic dental office.

These three tools used in smile analysis are used in this case as well. 


In this changing world, the apperance or or packing of everything is important. A pleasing is important not only
socially and romantically,  but also socially and romantically, but also economically, for it has been formed that attractive people tend to get the better jobs. it is no longer a matter of conceit, but rather a necessity to pay close attention to one's apperance not only for the individual self confidence but also for the image he or she portrays to other.