This Patient came to my clinic for correction of his black teeth . After dental checkup i came to know that he has decay in his front four teeth which needs to  be filled . His upper central incisors which were at upper level than his lateral incisors because of which his central incisors were not  visible . In Dentist language its called reverse smile . means when patients smiles his central incisors remains at upper level from lower lip line. Ideally  while smiling Front teeth should fall between upper and lower lip line. In this patient , the upper central incisors were not touching lower lip, there was a gap and if we join the lower borders of upper front teeth it forms reverse curve . I informed the patient that apart from restoration  of his upper  front teeth i will increase the height of  all four teeth and will follow the lower lip line after restoration. Some times view of dentist can make lot of  improvement in patients personality. Now after restoration he started smiling more confidently.