Bad breath (HALITOSIS) is one the most common and frequently addressed issue by the people. Around 60% of the population complains of bad breath. 

The main causes are bad oral hygiene, smoking , pan chewing habits, decayed or infected tooth, gum diseases, lots of junk foods, more caffeine intake. These above-mentioned causes will create increased growth of bacteria in the oral cavity which eliminates the fouls smelling odour. 

Patients with inflamed teeth or gums will also encounter this problem as the discharging pus or the infected fluid will come in contact with the bacteria and the saliva which gives you the bad breath. 

The less common causes are acidosis, worm infestations in the stomach, liver diseases, digestives problems, infection of sinus and throat, problem in salivary gland (Dry mouth). These problems should be addressed immediately. 


1 Have a regular dental check up and oral cleaning 

2. Avoid using pan, betel nut chewing and smoking 

3. Follow a perfect oral hygiene regimen ( twice brushing, gargle your mouth after every meal, use a mouthwash thrice a week )

4. Patients with acidic problems avoid fasting for a long time. Eat frequent small meals 

5. Patients with Gum infections should undergo Gingival treatment not only to stop bad breath but also to save your tooth 

6. Patients suffering from salivary gland issues can keep their mouth hydrated by sipping water often. They may also sip lemon juice to stimulate salivary gland to secrete saliva. saliva has the nature to dilute the acidic nature of the oral cavity  and also fights bacteria which create the bad breath

7. Compulsory deworming is recommended at least once a year 

8. Reduce intake of caffeine and junk food 

9. If you have a sinus problem or throat infection take the appropriate antibiotics to treat the issue.

10. People with infected tooth should get the tooth treated as it will only help in reducing the odour but also your overall  health

Last but very important fact is that our mouth is the mirror of our general health it shows the signs and symptoms of many underlying diseases in our body so please have a regular dental checkup to identify your oral and general health problems at the right time.