Living with Diabetes is not one of the easiest things and staying fit and complication free is even more difficult. So here is the smart regimen for Diabetics to stay healthy.

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Lemon Water

First thing in the morning should be a glass of Luke warm water with a gentle squeeze of fresh lime juice to kick start a powerful day.

  • Exercise: In order to keep your diabetic body healthy, you have to get it moving. Jogging, walking is the thing of the past.
  • Be innovative, there are a million  health apps  in the mobile world which provide scientific study based exercises that consume only 7-10 minutes and work on your whole body to keep you fit.
  • Reloading the fluids: Refill the fluids straight after the workout, as you loose pivotal electrolytes after the workout. It is important to replace the body fluids after a great workout, so that you don’t feel lethargy.
Track Your Fitness
  • Track your fitness levels:Invest your money in your health by buying a health tracker device or Glucometer, which will give you an accurate description of some of the vital thing like heart rate, calories burned, steps count etc, so that you can track your fitness levels and stay motivated.You should check your blood sugar levels in every 2 weeks. In case of any suspicious activity like sweating, weakness where your suspect a low blood sugar, check the blood sugar level using the blood Glucometer.
  • Breakfast:The breakfast is the most important meal of that day. Your body needs energy after 6-8 hours of fast during the sleep. Include some fresh, seasonal fruits in your breakfast that are not super sweet. Make a smoothie if you are bored with eating fruits every day. Take some whole meal bread, skimmed milk and eggs.
  • Take your diabetes medications as directed by your Doctor.
  • Lunch:Lunch should be comprised of gentle stir fried green vegetables, fish, chicken, boiled rice or bread.
  • Mid afternoon should be the time for a glass of fruit juice or a mix green smoothie.
  • Dinner:Dinner should be consisted of some whole meal bread or chapatti, very slight amount of rice.At bedtime you can take a glass of hot milk, if you do not have lactulose intolerance.
  • Check your foot for any infection or cut as it can create a huge problem.