Dear all, Let's check our self whether we have SLEEP DEPRIVED because nowadays most of us use whats app and fb or surfing all the night. Give yourself ONE POINT each time you answer YES to the following questions :DO YOU OFTEN FALL ASLEEP :1. Watching TV? 2. During boring meetings or lectures or in warm room? 3.After heavy meals? 4. While relaxing after dinner? 5. Within five minutes of getting into bed?

IN THE MORNING, DO YOU GENERALLY... 6. Need an alarm clock to wake up at the right time? 7. Struggle to get out of bed?

DURING THE DAY, DO YOU... 8. Feel tired, irritable & stressed out? 9. Have trouble concentrating & remembering? 10. Feel slow when it comes to critical thinking, problem solving & being creative? 11. Feel drowsy whole driving? 13. Need a nap to get through the day? 14. Have dark circle around your eyes?

If you are interested... Write your score, i tell whether you are SLEEP DEPRIVED...

If you are not interested in revealing... Work out on all the above questions to get peaceful sleep.