We hit the gym to improve our overall appearance, but sometimes it may inadvertently be sending our skin into a tailspin. Here are some tips to help you achieve and maintain a glowing radiant complexion long after we head home.


A made up face not only looks silly when working out, but also the body heat causes pores to dilate and leads to extra oil production. With makeup in the mix, it makes a perfect recipe for acne.


Wash the face with a salicylic acid cleanser before work out to clear pores of makeup and debris that can cause acne when combined with sweat and bacteria and always again wash your face again after exercising.

If you are an outdoor person, don’t forget the SUNSCREEN.

Post-workout skincare

If your sensitive skin gets red and irritated after exercising, wash with an anti-inflammatory cleanser immediately after working out.

Ingredients to avoid

There are certain ingredients to be avoided in our basic skin care routine, since they can lead to stinging and irritation, especially when you break a sweat. Glycolic acid, retinoids and vitamin C are the main offenders, and thus should be saved for nighttime or days you skip the gym so your skin can reap the maximum benefits.

Prevent infections

Many infections like tinea, herpes and warts are often transmitted in gyms. BEWARE 

Exercise is good for body—and skin!!!. Follow these precautions and look and feel your best!