There are different types of skin types mainly dry, oily and sensitive and an oily skin can be worrisome for many.

Oily skin is mainly due to the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands in the skin which secrete sebum, which under normal circumstances is useful to maintain healthy skin however excessive sebum can lead to increased acne breakouts. Oil preserves the skin by making it thicker and decreasing wrinkles. The key is striking balance between too much oil and maintaining the skins natural moisture.

Morning Routine 

1. Cleansing: Oily skin is naturally prone to dead skin buildup, blackheads and it also attracts grime and dust, thereby clogging the pores. to prevent clogged pores start your morning oily skincare routine with a gentle BHA cleanser to remove the excess oil along with the dirt and grime. Do not over cleanse. Wash your face twice a day to combat the excess oil production on the face. Over cleansing as in washing your face too many times will remove all the skins natural oils and may cause your skin to produce more oil to combat the dryness.

2. Toning: Toners help get rid of the residual dirt and makeup from last night and prepare the skin for the further skincare routine. A gentle toner matching the skin’s PH refines the skin texture and maintains the moisture balance of the skin without irritating the skin further.

3. Moisturising: Most people with oily skin have a notion that they don't need to use a moisturiser due to their skin type however its a myth, use a light gel based moisturiser as richer creams will close your pores and may give you break outs. If you have sensitive or irritated skins look for moisturisers with calming and soothing properties to relieve the irritation. All skin types need moisturising it is just important that the moisturiser should suit your skin.

4. Sun protection: Finish your morning routine with a sunscreen to protect it against the harmful UV rays causing premature ageing. Use a sunscreen of SPF 50 and above. Whatever be the type of your skin the sunscreen has to be applied liberally. The general rule is to use half a teaspoon of sunscreen for your entire face.

5. Lip Balm: Prime your lips with a lip balm before you wear you favorite lip shade to work.

6. Make up: Look for products which are water based and non comedogenic Use a good quality primer since it keeps the sebum at bay and also hold your makeup for longer time Use oil free matte foundation to battle the shine and oil Use loose powders as compact powders will clog your pores.

Evening Routine

1. Remove the makeup: Never sleep with your make up on as it will clog your pores and aggravate the skin issue:

a. Cleansing Oil: Cleanse start by cleansing with a cleansing oil to remove the SPF and make up

b. Gel cleanse: Follow your make up removal with a gel or foam cleanser to remove any traces of makeup and pollution from your skin 

2. Toning: Use a toner to tighten your pores and make them appear smaller

3. Moisturising and night creams: Mix your night creams with the moisturiser so that your skin can tolerate the strong night creams better without causing any irritation. Do not skip the moisturiser as your skin can get oilier when it is dehydrated by overcompensating.

Always consult your dermatologist and keep a regular check on your skin regimen.

Keep Healthy! Keep Glowing!